Remedial Measures

1) Investigating problems of teacher trainees and guiding them.

2) The faculty guides teacher trainees from the micro teaching stage to create a positive attitude towards the submission and completion of all curricular activities.

3) Conducting orientation program to prepare for the curricular activities.

Additional facilities provided to the students are as follows:

1) Educational Visits

2) Use of Multimedia

3) Felicitation of meritorious students.

4) Placement of Teacher trainees.

5) Special Lecture Series

6) Free Internet Access

7) Alumni Meet

8) Lectures on interview skills

9) Workshops and classes on ICT and smart class

10) NET/ SET Guidance

11) Use of Language Lab


"To produce technically sound, professionally competent, and socially committed individuals imbued with ethical values to serve the society."


"To build a centre of excellence for learning where young talents can be nurtured to their fullest potential,through focus on teaching,learning, research and innovation in order to improve quality of life of the community and the nation at large."


Develop skilled human resources to serve the nation.

Create a scientific culture of humanitarian as well as evidence based practice.

Recognize teaching as a unifying activity with a spiritual touch.

Willingness to apply innovative teaching methodology.

To explore and implement new pedagogy and technology that helps maximum knowledge assimilation.