Founder’s & Principal’s Messages

In the present age, the students need personal and mental development, self control, devotion and courage than the bookish knowledge. We are always ready to give these qualities to the over all development of the students. The students always mainlairs. the feelings of wealth and wisdom with then but they are lacking humility and politeness.
We are also trying to build the character, moral standard, unity, discipline, kindness, co-operation and self protection. We want to create the feeling of self judgement among the students.

Dr.Ashutosh Shukla
– Founder, Gracious Group Colleges

Professional preparation of teachers in the present scenario of privatisation, globalisation and liberalisation is increasingly becoming challenging. To render teacher education viable and dynamic in its role of social reconstruction and nation-building, emphasis needs to be laid on making it socially relevant, pedagogically powerful and psychologically appealing. This can be achieved through effective management of resources & quality focused research in teacher education. A planned and purposive approach in teacher education is imperative for quality sustenance and enhancement

Dr. Riya Tiwari
– Principal, Gracius College Of Education